According to Chinese medicine, “Spring nourishes the liver, summer nourishes the heart, autumn nourishes the lungs, and winter nourishes the kidneys”. The lung is a delicate organ, in physiology, the suction is full, the exhale is deficient, and belongs to the five organs of the human body, the six internal organs of the Huagai, and the hundred veins will be towards. The lungs are susceptible to the evil of autumn dryness, causing a dry cough. Autumn corresponds to the five organs of the human lung, when the lung function is at its peak, for people who have poor lung function, autumn is a good time to nourish the lungs.
So how to nourish the lungs in autumn?

1. in line with the shortening of the natural day to do early to bed and early rise

Autumn disease from the lungs, autumn health should be in line with the natural convergence of the momentum, and collection of Yin, so that the essence of the internal gathering, in order to nourish the five organs, should prevent too much labor and injury, so as to avoid the leakage of Yin. Early to bed can comply with the convergence of Yang Qi, early to get up can make the lung Qi can be stretched. Generally speaking, it is better to go to bed at 9-10 pm in autumn and get up at 5-6 am in the morning.

2. Exercise for lung health

Autumn is high and the air is clear, so it is ideal for exercise to effectively exercise our lungs, strengthen our body and promote the health of our lungs. In the actual exercise, we should also focus on the combination of movement and static. First of all, moving specifically refers to doing some aerobic exercise in the exercise lung, such as walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, etc. The middle-aged and elderly can also choose to play taijiquan, five birds play and other traditional sports and health exercises, can gradually improve the human body’s lung function.
The so-called “Jing” is based on meditation breathing and exhalation, through the use of lip contraction breathing, first fast full of breath, when exhaling, the lips will be lightly closed, leaving only a gap, slowly exhale the gas, so that the lung gas exchange more fully, which is conducive to increasing lung capacity, enhance lung vitality.

3. Diet

From the five-color theory, white ingredients into the lungs, so it can play a good nourishing effect on the lungs. Therefore, we can eat more white food in autumn and winter to nourish the lungs. Specifically, the following white foods can be consumed.
The first is a silver fungus, silver fungus has “the crown of the mushroom” reputation, this ingredient is warm and sweet, in terms of diet, with lotus seeds, wolfberries, etc., boiled into silver fungus soup food, and can play a good spleen and stomach, nourishing the lungs, the effect of beneficial gas and intestinal.
The second is to eat some lily ingredients, lily contains biotin, colchicine, and other substances, and can play a certain role in the regulation of human nerves, so it is very suitable for neurasthenia, insomnia, and dreamy patients to diet, the same time lily can also nourish Yin and moisten the lungs, for Yin deficiency dry cough is also very effective.
The third is to eat some Sydney, Sydney is cool, slightly cold, and has the effect of moistening the lung and clearing dryness, cough, and phlegm, autumn human respiratory system is very prone to disease, so it is very suitable for eating Sydney, can be made into iced sugar Sydney, can also be eaten raw, can play a good effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lung.

4. Spiritual conditioning

Sad autumn will hurt the lungs to keep a calm mind, sad autumn easy to hurt the lungs, autumn wind, autumn rain, fallen leaves, bleak, autumn often give people a stern gas, especially when the weather suddenly changed, people are sad. The stimulation of bad emotions, easy to affects the physical and mental health of the human body, especially the impact on the lungs and damage is great.
Often do a thing you feel happy about so that you can laugh, such as watching some comedy movies, but also with friends and family out and about, so that their own maintain a happy mood, in the laughter, not only can bring positive emotions, and smooth the human qi.