In this article, we will discuss the important relationship between meridians and lung health by learning to dredge the meridians and massage the points of the Hand Taiyin Lung Meridian to strengthen the lungs, from the role of the points of the Hand Taiyin Lung Meridian in the twelve meridians for our usual lung care.

As the proverb goes, “If you don’t know the meridians, you’ll be wrong if you open your mouth and do something”. With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people also have a certain understanding of meridian health. The morning exercise of the grandparents, from time to time in the palm of the hand to pat the arms and legs, and even the old man in their standing pile, in fact, all have a similar purpose, which is to unblock the body meridians. First of all, let’s spread the knowledge of meridians.

1. What are meridians?

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, the meridians: “The meridians, so able to determine death and life, dealing with a hundred diseases, adjusting the reality, can not be impassable”. The Chinese culture is so profound that a short line sums up the influence of meridians on human health, and the smoothness or blockage of meridians determines the death and life of a person and cannot be blocked.
There is a definition of meridian: meridian is the general name of the meridian and the complex vein, is the human body to run qi and blood, contact the internal organs, communicate with the internal and external and the whole body of the channel, is the body function of the regulatory system. The meridians are divided into twelve meridians, twelve meridians, twelve tendons, twelve skins, and eight odd meridians (Ren and Du), while the meridians are divided into fifteen meridians, Sun and floating meridians.

2. The route of the Hand Taiyin Lung meridian

The Huangdi Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine) has this description of the route of the lung meridian: “The lung hand Taiyin meridian starts in the middle Jiao, goes down to the large intestine, follows the stomach, goes up to the diaphragm and belongs to the lung, goes from the lung system across the armpit, goes down to the biceps, goes before the main Shaoyin heart, goes down to the elbow, follows the upper bone in the arm, enters the inch, goes up to the fish, follows the fish interval, and comes out of the end of the big finger”. This meridian is located in the chest of the body. This meridian is distributed in the front of the chest, the front of the inner side of the upper limbs, and the radial side of the thumb. The meridians and meridians are connected to the inside and outside respectively, and the tendons are distributed on the outside. The first point of this meridian is Zhongfu and the last point is Shaoshang, with 11 points on each side.

3. So what are the acupuncture points of the Hand Taiyin Lung meridian?

The hand Taiyin lung meridian points have this song: “Zhongfu Yunmen Tianfu Man (white), Shouze Kong most column deficiency plus. Jingqu Taiyuan Yuzhi Shao (Shang), the lung hand Taiyin eleven points. This song summarizes the complete set of meridians of the lung meridian of Hand Taiyin from the front of the chest (Zhongfu, Yunmen) to the inner front of the arm (Tianfu, Man Bai, Shouze, Kong most, Li Gao, Jing Dui, Tai Yuan), following the radial side of the thumb (Fisheye) and ending at the end of the thumb (Shaoshen).

4. When do the hand Taiyin Lung meridian points run most vigorously in the meridian?

The time when the lung meridian qi and blood run most vigorously in the meridian flow column is from 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. This is the time when the lung meridian is in charge and the qi and blood run most vigorously at this time. Speaking of which, it must be said that some middle-aged and elderly friends whenever after three o’clock in the morning will wake up from sleep, tossing and turning after five o’clock to fall asleep, waking up often accompanied by coughing or spitting a few white foam sputum, then these friends really need to pay attention!

5. The hand Taiyin meridian principle of operation?

The previous article also pointed out that this is the most vigorous time for the lung meridian to run qi and blood, due to the blockage of acupuncture points leading to the poor operation of qi and blood, naturally, the lung meridian is out of order, the lung qi is certainly not good, coughing, coughing phlegm is certainly normal. It is worth noting that if you have been waking up coughing and spitting white foamy phlegm from 3:00 to 5:00 every day for more than two years, you should really be alert to the fact that your lungs are sending you a “distress signal”!

Nowadays, people are afraid of talking about cancer, and when it comes to lung cancer, it will slowly erode your body from a little bit of “small hints”. However, if you really have these symptoms, you should not scare yourself. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine says: “The top worker treats the undiseased and does not treat the already diseased. What does treating the undiseased mean? That is the idea advocated by Chinese medicine now: prevention before illness and prevention of change after an illness.

6. Which points in the Hand Taiyin Lung meridian are helpful for our lungs?

In the Hand Taiyin Lung meridian, there are two major points that are most likely to cause blockage: one is the Kong Mou point and the other is the Yuzhi point. So let’s talk about this whole point, the lung has the charge of the whole body’s qi, the open orifice in the nose, and the nose, the official of the lung. As you can imagine, if the nose is always blocked, it will affect our lung qi. So the nose is often blocked, we can massage the most points.

6.1 What are the other functions of the point?

The hole most point, in fact, in the human body is equivalent to a universal point, like stomach bloating if you can accurately point to this point, then the stomach bloating will immediately be eliminated. You, readers, do not know if you have found, the whole point of the word hole refers to what? The whole point is in charge of the holes of the body, such as the nostrils, ears, eyes, and anus.

Like hemorrhoids, the lung and large intestine, because hemorrhoids are the end of the large intestine long-term Qi stagnation, the formation of blood stasis is caused. The lung is the master of qi and promotes the qi flow in the large intestine, so the point of the hole most point has the function of treating hemorrhoids.

For children or adults who can’t stop nosebleeds, massage this point, find the most critical point, and press it until it becomes numb. If you find the right one, the nosebleeds will stop within 3 seconds. So you can massage this point more often when you have nothing to do.

Note on the point most point: when massaging the point, to find the right location, you must press until the point is numb, so that all the blocked Qi blocking the hole will be opened.

6.2 What are the functions of the fish interval point?

The function is to clear the lung and drain heat and relieve pain in the throat. Like this sore throat, you can come to massage this point. Functional treatment of tuberculosis, hemoptysis, asthma, laryngitis, tonsillitis, fever, headache, dizziness, tachycardia, insomnia, hyperhidrosis, etc.

Readers who have been waking up frequently between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. with coughing and white foam for two to two years or more can massage the Kong Miao and Yuzhi points three times a day until the points become numb, with unexpected results. If it is not convenient to find the points, you can buy a meridian chart or look up the Internet to determine the points.

Finally, I hope that each reader will be able to understand the hand Taiyin meridian through this article, learn how to set the points, unblock the lung meridians through daily massage of the whole most point and the fish point, and make up for the blockage of Qi so that they have a healthy lung!



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