The state of the environment we live in now is getting worse and worse, so it hurts our lung function. Many people develop lung diseases, how do we test whether our lungs are healthy? Five kinds of performance indicate that the lungs are not healthy.

1. Breathing difficulties

When there is a problem with the lungs, the first thing that occurs is a breathing problem. In general, people the early symptoms of dyspnea, and the frequency and depth of breathing will change, if the breathing will be accompanied by acute chest pain, you need to go to the hospital to check, and most of the lungs have problems.

2. Low lung capacity

The level of lung capacity is also a criterion to detect whether the lungs are healthy. Take a deep breath and then hold it, see if you can hold it for 40 seconds, if you can hold it, it means that your lung status is very good, if you can hold it for longer, it means that the lung function is very strong.

You can also observe your breathing status when climbing stairs daily, and whether you will have chest tightness and shortness of breath after climbing three floors in one breath.

3. Cough

If there is a continuous cough for more than three weeks, it is necessary to pay attention to it. In addition to coughing, you can also observe the state of your phlegm. If the phlegm becomes thick, the lungs are likely infected with bacteria.

4. Dark complexion

According to Chinese medicine, our lungs are in charge of the skin. Once the lungs have problems, the person’s complexion will also become dark. Some may even have black and purple lips. If your skin is very rosy and lustrous, it means that your lungs are relatively healthy.

5. Chest pain

If you have long-term chest pain, but not because of heart disease caused by the words. That is most likely because the lungs have a problem and caused, is likely to suffer from pneumonia, to go to the hospital for timely examination and treatment.

The lungs do not see people how to maintain their lungs daily.

1. adhere to the exercise

Regular exercise can effectively enhance the body’s immunity, and will also make the physique better. Aerobic exercise can effectively prevent inflammation of the lungs, the best time of day to raise lungs is at about 8:00 in the morning. At this time to do some aerobic exercise for the maintenance of the lungs is very good.

2. drink more tea

Tea contains a special substance – catechins. This substance can be effective, so that the circulation of blood vessels more smooth, and can also promote the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines. Reduce constipation, often drink tea, and you can help the body detoxify.

Because drinking tea itself is a diuretic effect, drinking tea can be harmful substances with urine discharge.

3. supplement vitamins

Many people’s body vitamin deficiency will be more serious. This will lead to poor health, lungs are also prone to problems. So in life, you should eat more food that can replenish vitamins, which can strengthen the body and make the body’s immunity better.

People with the above five symptoms in their lungs should pay more attention to lung health, start from life, develop good habits, exercise more, and take vitamins to create good conditions for lung health.

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