When the lungs are bad, sleep prophet. Everyone should pay attention to ensure sufficient sleep. If the following situations occur during sleep, do not ignore them, the body may already be suggesting that the lungs are not good and something is wrong, you should give your lungs a detailed examination, and if necessary, you should choose to seek medical attention.

Since the epidemic has been liberalized, the number of infections has been increasing. In the process of infection, some people have more serious symptoms and there are many serious cases of lung infection, while others have a more serious cough, which creates concern and more attention to lung health.

In itself, in winter, respiratory diseases are prone to high incidence, and for some people, it is necessary to take good care of their lungs, plus during the epidemic, it is even more important to pay more attention.

1. Difficulty in falling asleep

Insomnia can be caused by many reasons, and now there are more and more people with insomnia, mostly because of too much pressure or problems with sleep itself, sleep is not regular.

In addition to the above factors, there may also be problems with the lungs. Some studies have found that people with cancer in the lungs will have changes in the secretion of ectopic hormones in their bodies, and one of these hormones has abnormal secretion, which can easily affect sleep.

The abnormal secretion of this ectopic hormone can easily cause lung cancer patients to be unable to sleep, and even if they do sleep, they cannot sleep peacefully, and their sleep will be very poor throughout the night.

If you have such a condition and have tried many ways to regulate it but have not improved, you should have your lungs checked early to avoid more serious damage to the lungs.

2. Wheezing

Some people may not know much about wheezing, here is a brief explanation, wheezing is more serious damage to the lungs, affecting normal breathing, resulting in breathing becoming difficult, and a more obvious chest tightness phenomenon.

The breath is also prone to abnormalities, and in this case, the wheezing sound will be louder, driving the vocal cords during this period, and the wheezing phenomenon will easily appear.

If you always have a very obvious wheezing sound when you sleep, do not be careless, the sooner you do a checkup, the more beneficial it will be to your lungs, especially if there are people who have lung injury behavior, it is not to be taken lightly.

3. Frequent coughing and phlegm coughing when sleeping

First of all, when the lungs are not good, it is easier to cough phenomenon, which will also be accompanied by coughing phlegm, however, coughing accompanied by phlegm, you can observe the situation of the phlegm, if the phlegm presents thick phlegm, most of the lungs are inflammation or the occurrence of infection, such cases, just need to find the cause in time, the impact on the lungs is not too big.

If the sputum is white, the problem is not serious. It is worth noting that if the cough is always dry when sleeping and lasts for a long time, there is a possibility that the lungs are more damaged and the cause needs to be investigated in time.

4. Chest and back pain

When cancer cells invade the pleura or chest wall, they may compress or damage the surrounding tissues and nerves, thus causing more obvious pain in the chest and back.

In terms of life, pay more attention to rest and don’t work too hard. It is indeed very enjoyable to have family members together, but we should pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

This year is special, the epidemic is in a just liberalized state, also facing the risk of infection, to avoid accidents, or should do a good job of protection, try to avoid excessive gathering, do hand washing and disinfection.

And has completed treatment for many years, and the prognosis is quite good for the patient, is not careless, appropriate to exercise, improve the quality of sleep, can help enhance immunity, improve lung capacity and cardiopulmonary function, to prolong the survival of patients, is beneficial. Be highly concerned about the lung condition caused by sleep problems, once the discomfort, should promptly consult professionals

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