The relationship between sleep and lungs is closely linked, lungs are not good, and people with lung problems in sleep will have several different performances.

The lungs are located in the thoracic cavity, covering the five internal organs, the highest position, so there is a “Huagai” name. However, the lungs are directly connected to the mouth and nose and are very vulnerable to disease and external evil.

External evil invading the body, whether through the mouth and nose inhalation or skin invasion, is very easy to invade the lungs and cause disease. Sleeping well is directly related to the health of the lungs, therefore, in life, we must pay attention to protecting the health of the lungs and not neglect it.

People with bad lungs and lung problems will have three abnormalities when they sleep.

1. Coughing intensifies before going to bed

Lungs, the main breathing, breathing. If you breathe normally during the day and often cough at night, coughing very badly and getting worse, it means that the lungs have been damaged and need prompt attention.

2. It is easy to get up at 3:05 in the morning

At this time, the lung meridians are in order, and the body should enter a deep sleep. Once, often wake up at this time, indicating insufficient lung qi, or insufficient qi and blood.

3. Chest tightness and midnight suffocation

Sleep, chest tightness aggravated, and even choking wake up, alerting the heart and lung function, has been seriously impaired.
If the heart is adequate, the lungs are strong and the lung qi is sufficient, then the heart and blood can run properly. A good heart and lungs, in order to ensure good gas exchange, so that smooth breathing, and chest developed. If the heart and lungs are damaged, it will affect breathing and lead to chest tightness and suffocation.

Bad lungs, away from two kinds of breathing

1. Away from the “tobacco gas”

Smoking hurts the lungs, no doubt about it. Whether it is active smoking or passive smoking “second-hand smoke”, will damage lung health.

Cigarette in burning, nicotine, sulfur dioxide, and other harmful substances are inhaled into the lungs, and at the same time, the lungs will be attached to some dirty things, damage to lung health.

Therefore, people with bad lungs must stay away from tobacco poison gas.

2. Away from “grease gas”

In addition to smoking, kitchen fumes are also one of the reasons for the high incidence of lung cancer.

Benzo(a)pyrene is a strong carcinogen released from oil smoke.

A study found that long-term exposure to high-temperature fumes increases the risk of lung cancer by 2 to 3 times.
When frying, try to avoid high-temperature frying and choose a good range hood to minimize the fumes.

Do five things to keep your lungs healthier

1. The first piece: drink more water, often drink tea, lung detoxification

Lungs, like to moisten the evil dry, supplemental water, can moisten the lungs, beneficial to lung health. Water is the tar nemesis, smokers, drink more water, and can reduce its damage to the body.

Drinking more water and replenishing water can prevent dryness and moisten the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx and trachea. Warm water is the best, try not to drink cold water, in addition, drink more hot tea, for lung detoxification, the effect is doubled.

Long-term smokers, often drink tea, which not only can moisten the lungs, but is also beneficial to throat health and promote detoxification.

Using small plants for lung protection, with infusion water to drink, for smokers to maintain lung health, is very beneficial.
Chicory ground knot tea, brewed with water, can reduce inflammation and cough, moisten and detoxify the lungs, and promote lung and cough relief.

Use dandelion, chicory root, orchard, and ground knot, together, and hot water brewed in lieu of tea can.

Dandelion, known as a “natural antibiotic”, can eliminate oral inflammation, has a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, and is one of the “eight vajra”, that can fight chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc., to relieve throat discomfort.

It can improve cough, sore throat, and other symptoms, and help detoxify the lungs.

Dijiao, which can cure dry throat and dry tongue, has a certain improvement effect on the dry cough with little phlegm and dry throat due to lung yin deficiency and can produce fluid to quench thirst and improve immunity.

Bitter chicory root, can clear heat and detoxify, diuretic, reduce swelling, enhance immunity, improve blood circulation, and reduce the harm of smoking to the liver and blood vessels.

The four together, for moistening the lungs and throat, producing thirst, and lung cough, are anti-inflammatory and relieve throat discomfort, the effect is particularly good, suitable for people who quit smoking as a daily tea substitute.

2. The second piece: is supplement nutrition, nourishing the lungs

The self-repair of the lungs requires the support of nutrients. Therefore, regular supplementation of nutrients required by the lungs can promote self-repair of the lungs.

There are many nutrients that are good for lung health, but we believe that there are four golden foods that are particularly beneficial for lung health, and they are pears, cabbage, walnuts, and honey.

Protein is the most critical nutrient for repairing lung cells after damage. For one kilogram of body weight in adults, one gram of protein is required. If there is a lung disease, the amount of protein needs to be increased and can be multiplied by a factor, such as 1.2.

Vitamin C, with its excellent antioxidant and detoxifying effects, is of great benefit to the delicate lungs.
Long-term smoking, the body will consume a lot of vitamin C. Pay attention to the proper supplementation of vitamin C, which is beneficial to health.

Fungus polysaccharides are contained in silver fungi, mushrooms, etc. Fungal polysaccharides can improve the body’s immunity, and the lungs and respiratory tract have a good protective effect.

3. The third piece: appropriate exercise, strong lung energy

Regular exercise and enhanced exercise can improve lung function and protect the health of the lungs.

Stretch out your arms, try to expand your chest, and then, use your abdomen to drive to breathe, which can increase lung capacity.

Expanding the chest can unblock the lung meridians, loosen the muscle tissue, promote blood circulation in the lungs, and facilitate the discharge of impurities from the alveoli.

Adhere to exercise for 10 to 20 minutes a day, stretch the heart and lung blood vessels, and improve the ability of the heart and lungs to supply blood and oxygen, thereby improving cardiopulmonary function.

4. The fourth piece: deep breathing, promotes the lungs to discharge turbidity

Lungs, the main gas, the Division of breathing. Clear gas and turbid gas, in the lungs for exchange, gas to feed the lungs, is very important.

Deep breathing, can exhale the old and new, beneficial to the lungs to drain turbidity, promote lung cleanliness, and enhance immunity.

Abdominal breathing, is a good choice, early in the morning, choose a place with fresh air and practice deep breathing.
Each time you inhale, you should puff up your belly, so that the air sinks into the Dantian, and each time you exhale, your belly closes inward to regulate lung function.

Relax your whole body, lie down, or stand, sit can do.

5. Fifth piece: rubbing acupuncture points to nourish the lung qi

The Zhongfu point, where the lung meridian is directly infused with qi and blood, is the best place to regulate the qi and tonify it.

Press and knead this point clockwise and then counterclockwise for 1 to 3 minutes each day.

It should be noted that the muscles below the Zhongfu point are thin, so it is recommended that you do not apply force, but just apply a little pressure.



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