As the body’s first line of defense, the lungs are responsible for the health of the entire respiratory tract. To prevent the new crown, do not forget to nourish the lungs to strengthen immunity, and exercise their immunity! Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are delicate organs, and must be careful to maintain. At this time, do a good job of lung maintenance, more help us to spend the “eventful autumn”. In daily life, it is recommended to follow the following “ten rules of lung care” to enhance lung immunity.

1. Do not forget to keep warm

The physiological characteristics of the lungs are warm and cold, the ancient Chinese medical texts have “from cold drinking cold is hurt lung” records.

The lungs will be cold, the lung’s self-defense function will be reduced, and external evil (viruses, bacteria) will take advantage of the entry.
Prevention of external cold: When going out, wear soft, fluffy winter clothes that contain more still air and are warm, wear a mask and scarf, and keep the indoor temperature at 16℃~24℃.

To supplement lung gas: often drink “ginger and date soup”, that is, 1 piece of ginger, 12 red dates, add a little sugar decoction, to the degree that the dates are cooked, eat dates and drink soup, once a day.

2. Sufficient sleep

Insist on early to bed and early to rise, avoid staying up late, and sleep.

If you go to bed early, you can gather Yang Qi, Yang Qi is the root of the foundation, appropriate early rise and can let the lungs stretch, to prevent the collection of too much.

3.Keep exercising

The best time to raise lungs is from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. This time, the lungs are the strongest, and it is best to do aerobic exercises such as jogging, which can strengthen the lungs.

Usually, paying attention to the exercise of the respiratory system, you can do abdominal breathing: stretch out your arms, and try to expand the chest, with abdomen-driven breathing, can increase lung capacity.

4. Active drinking water

Winter climate is dry, and timely replenishment of water loss is very necessary.

You should take the initiative to drink water every day to maintain the normal wetness of the lungs and respiratory tract.

You can also pour hot water into a cup, use your nose to the mouth of the cup, and inhale water vapor, for 10 minutes each time, 2 to 3 times a day can be.

5.Correct food therapy

Food therapy can be said to be the best way to nourish the lungs.

Usually, you can eat more food with lung effect. Such as lily has to moisten the lungs to stop coughing, clear the heart and calm the mind, nourish Yin and eliminate heat.

In addition, you can also eat some radish, citrus, silver fungus, etc., drink more soy milk, and eat more pears and other seasonal fruits.

6. Away from anxiety

Chinese medicine believes that the lungs hide the prana, only when the mind is at peace, the lungs will converge.

The more pessimistic and prone to sadness, the more likely it is to affect the lungs, and even various organs.

7.Tap on the lung meridian

The lung meridian can be tapped to relax the meridians and regulate the qi and blood of the internal organs.

When tapping the left hand naturally down, palm forward, the right-hand holds an empty fist.

From the front edge of the left armpit with a little force, tap evenly, along the outer side of the arm to the end of the thumb, with particular emphasis on the front edge of the armpit, the elbow, and the fish interval (palm root) area, to slightly red as the degree.

Tap once on each side, once every other day.

8. Refuse constipation

Chinese medicine says that the lungs and the large intestine are in phase, if the large intestine peristaltic function is normal and the stool is smooth, the lungs will also be normal cathartic function.

So for patients with bad lungs, you can tap on the large intestine meridian.

The left hand naturally drops, the right-hand holds an empty fist to tap the left side of the large intestine meridian, the left hand naturally drops, the palm forward, from the outside of the index finger along the outer route of the arm to the upper edge of the deltoid muscle to tap. The back of the palm, elbow, and shoulder are still the key areas.

Tap once on each side, once every other day.

9.Keep the room moist

In the north, the dry climate in autumn and winter is easy to damage the respiratory tract.

To enhance indoor humidity, it is recommended to sprinkle water on the ground, which can be sprinkled three to five times a day, you can use a wet mop to mop the floor, and you can also use a spray bottle sprinkled on the ground.

If the home is on a wooden floor or carpet, you can use a humidifier, or hang wet towels, and wet clothes in the house to increase air humidity.

10.Open windows for ventilation

Diligent ventilation is a very good means of disease prevention. The standard for diligent ventilation is 3 times a day for not less than 15 minutes each time while paying attention to keeping warm when opening the windows for ventilation. There are two best periods for opening windows: 8:00~11:00 and 13:00~16:00. At this time, the concentration of atmospheric pollutants is relatively low, and ventilation is more effective.

Hurry up and act according to the “ten rules of lung care”.

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