The lungs are a very important respiratory organ for the human body, helping the body to breathe every day, absorbing fresh oxygen, expelling dirty gases, completing the gas exchange, and facilitating the functioning of all body functions. In addition, the lungs are located in the chest and protect other internal organs.

Although the lungs are strong, they are also fragile, so do not think he is invincible the lungs are not as strong as we think. Especially in recent years, many people have been told they have lung diseases during medical checkups, which makes many people worry. Especially in autumn and winter, many people have dry mouths, sore throats, and dry coughs, these symptoms are to remind us: the health of the lungs is under a lot of pressure! So, pay special attention to taking care of your lungs. The lungs are judged by the performance of daily life, and foods that are not friendly to the lungs are not eaten.

From which aspects to know whether their lungs are good or not? You can observe from this aspect

1. Skin

Chinese medicine says: the lungs are the main respiratory, the main skin, so the relationship between the lungs and the skin is very close. Red, lustrous and elastic skin means that your lungs are functioning normally.

If, however, your skin is prone to redness, lumps, acne, spots, eczema, etc., then your lungs are not smooth, or blocked, or your lung function has declined.

2. Severe cough

An extremely important sign is that the health of your stomach is being affected, as long as there are diseases in the respiratory system, there will be symptoms of coughing. So many people feel like they have a cough and think they have a cold.

A cough that can heal itself may be triggered by a cold, but a cough that doesn’t get better for a long time and can’t be cured by buying more medicine. It is likely to be a problem with the lungs and should be examined and treated in a hospital.

3. Abnormal bowel movements

A bad lung also affects gastrointestinal function, and abnormal bowel movement is also a typical symptom of a bad lung. In particular, constipation, dry stools, and pain in the stomach and shoulders when going to the toilet, must be taken seriously.

Under normal circumstances, difficulty in urination and abnormal urine color should also be taken seriously. If this happens, you should not only take care of your stomach and intestines but also take care of your lungs.

4. Chest tightness and shortness of breath

When we breathe the lungs will constantly expand and contract, from a certain point of view, which can also reflect the health of the lungs.
If the lungs are not good, it is easy to have chest tightness and shortness of breath, feeling unable to breathe, which can easily cause the blockage of the respiratory tract. Therefore, oxygen cannot be delivered and discharged in time, and you will feel the situation of chest tightness and shortness of breath.

What foods can’t be eaten by people with bad lungs? Three kinds of food that are not very friendly to the lungs, it is recommended to eat less

1. Spicy stimulating food

The lungs like to moisten the evil dry, spicy stimulating food for the lungs, simply “fire on oil”. After autumn, the morning and evening temperatures are getting colder by the day, hot pot skewers are also popular.

But Chinese medicine believes that hot pot or skewers on too much chili, spicy oil, spicy seasonings, ginger, mustard, and other spicy stimulating food and seasonings, easy to hurt lung gas, and loss of heart yin, resulting in heart and lung qi and blood deficit.

2. Raw and cold food

The variety of raw and cold food, often intake is also detrimental to lung health, in addition to interfering with the circulation of the lungs, but also the local blood, nutrients can not be provided promptly.

To avoid the impact of this situation, the correct diet during the disease, food cooked before eating, and that frozen food not often intake. Otherwise, cold, moisture further invasion and lung function is difficult to improve.

3. Greasy food

Our human lungs help us inhale fresh air from the outside world and exhale turbid gases from the body. At the same time, the epithelial cells on the mucous membrane of the trachea and bronchial tubes can also secrete fluid and expel them from our body.

And we should try to eat less greasy food in our daily life. Eating greasy food often will increase the amount of phlegm secreted by our respiratory tract.

And there will also be a lot of greases attached to the esophagus throat and other parts, blocking its effective discharge, so we should try to control their mouth.

Three things to restore lung health

1. Be optimistic

It is well known that anger hurts the liver, but anger often hurts our lungs, especially when we have a bad temper.

In our daily life, if we encounter some problems, we should not take them to heart. We can go out for a walk or talk with friends and family to adjust our minds.

2. Ventilate and change the air

Ensure lung health in daily life, pay attention to diligently open the windows to breathe, and do not stay indoors for a long time. In this case, it is easy to cause some turbid objects into the lungs, increasing the burden on the lungs and inducing lung disease.

So in life to diligently open the windows to breathe, you can also go for a walk in the park, and breathe fresh air, which is conducive to clear lung detoxification health.

3. Eat more lung food

To prevent the decline of lung function, usually should start from this aspect of diet to nourish the body, through a healthy diet can also improve lung function.

Many foods in life have the effect of moistening and nourishing the lungs, and if you can nourish your body with the right diet and get foods that help improve lung function, you will be able to live longer after your lung function is enhanced.

Foods that moisten and clear the lungs are commonly found in pears, loquats, rooibos, figs, winter melon, lilies, etc. The pear is cool and sweet and has the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs and clearing heat and phlegm, so you can boil the pear and Chuanbei in water, which has the effect of moistening and clearing the lungs and relieving cough and phlegm.

Luo Han Guo is cool in nature and sweet in taste, it has the effect of clearing the lung and moistening the lung and relieving cough, so you can drink water with Luo Han Guo directly to nourish the yin and moisten the lung and relieve cough and phlegm. Loquat is cool in nature and sweet in taste, it has the effect of moistening the lung and relieving cough and phlegm, so you can generally eat loquat fruit directly.

People with bad lungs should pay more attention to their health, once they find the symptoms of physical discomfort, they should promptly consult a professional. At the same time, do not eat jealousy, the lungs are not good food resolutely do not eat, the lung health recovery benefits things to long-term persistence so that we can have strong lungs.

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