In the five elements of Chinese medicine, the theory is said, the four seasons of the lungs correspond to autumn, autumn lung, lung survival conditions are more delicate, the environmental requirements are also relatively high, autumn is the most likely to cause dry heat in the lungs to produce depletion, into the lungs after the dry cough, dry mouth, and some other phenomena. Therefore, after autumn, we should pay more attention to exercise, and exercise to enhance the strength of the lungs and to play the role of lung care. When exercising you can try the following three simple and effective lung small methods, or very good for the lungs.

1. Strengthen lung function, breathing

Here the breathing and my usual breathing are different, our usual method of breathing is natural breathing, and this way of breathing is that we should pay attention to the rhythm of breathing when breathing, inhale as much as possible to suck in so far when exhaling is the same, the longer the exhale, the better, through this way can the body’s turbid gas to spit out.

1.1 relax your whole body, empty your brain, hold your breath and concentrate, keep ventilation indoors and try to choose the outdoors.

1.2 do a guide or two, eyes slightly closed, from the nose into the gas, into the gas when the whole body is up, from the bottom to the top, the stomach distended somewhat, let the gas in the abdomen for a little while. Give the lungs time to absorb.

1.3 mouth slightly open, the whole body sinks with the speed of exhalation, hold the breath and exhale until the body returns to a relaxed state.

1.4 repeatedly going to do, 5-10 minutes time can be.

Breathing in this way can make our lungs strong, the exchange of air in the lungs, this method is evolved from Chinese medicine health care methods, so do it for a long time, not only to improve lung health but also to change the body’s mental state and the body’s immunity.

2. Pronunciation method

What is this method? For example, let’s explain it with two words: “coax” and “ha”.

When we pronounce these two words, our chest lungs as well as the Dantian position are able to resonate, you can try it, be sure to open yourself in the state, loudly to pronounce the word, if you are in the office or public places, it is recommended not to try, worried that you scare the people around you.

The principle is actually very simple, by pronouncing these two sounds when the body changes and lungs and waist, we are able to clearly feel ourselves. It can be said to be the most direct and effective way.

The effect is to remove the feeling of chest tightness, brain clarity, the opening of the chest cavity, etc., so that the lung and kidney gas can be interoperable, the role of a strong body and lung.

3. Expand the chest and enhance the function of the heart and lungs

The chest is the living space of the lungs, and the health of the developed chest will directly affect the cardiorespiratory function, we usually do some exercises in this area, not only to exercise the chest but also to enhance the function of the lungs.

In our school when radio gymnastics do not know if you still remember, the first stretching exercise, the second type of chest expansion exercise, if there is no suitable exercise method, you can learn from radio gymnastics.

The body is standing, open the arms, stretch to both sides, in turn, expand the opening angle, with breathing 10 groups, according to their physical condition and time for reasonable arrangements, especially for a long time, office workers, drivers, etc., 2-3 hours of rest can do.
In short, the body is its own, we must learn to care for our own bodies, do not wait until the body can not carry the time to maintain, maintenance in usual, the lungs are the main way we breathe, master some small ways to raise the lungs is significant.


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