Smoking a lot or staying in a highly polluted environment can easily cause respiratory diseases, such as tuberculosis, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer, reducing lung function and easily causing breathing difficulties and chest tightness, etc. Therefore, modern people should find ways to exercise and enhance lung function to avoid the invasion of pathogenic bacteria and thus improve the immunity of the body. Here are seven simple tips to do!

1. Abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing, as the name implies, relies on the diaphragm and abdominal muscle contraction and breathing. Can take a sitting or standing position, the whole body muscles relaxed, put a hand on the chest, the other hand on the abdomen, inhalation from the nose inhalation, as much as possible to make the abdomen up. Exhale when the abdominal muscles need to contract, the abdomen inward and exhale with the mouth, just like whistling, the frequency of breathing per minute is about 10 times, each practice 15 minutes. This can enhance the strength of the diaphragm, reduce airway resistance, and effectively improve the problem of oxygen deficiency, to avoid carbon dioxide retention.

2.Lip contraction breathing

When inhaling, you need to use your nose, narrow your lips and close them slightly, slowly let the gas exhale, and present a whistle-like mouth, which can avoid the narrowing of the small airway trap when exhaling, and facilitate the discharge of gas in the alveoli.

3. Stretch breathing

Two arms straight, up and forward slowly raised above the head, while maintaining deep breathing. The two arms together, the body slightly leaning forward, do deep exhalation, try to use abdominal breathing, which can increase lung capacity, and can relieve shoulder and neck pain problems.

4. Breathing with breath

Inhale first, hold your breath for about three seconds, then turn your head to the right and exhale. Inhale and hold your breath for three seconds before turning your head to the left and exhaling, which can prolong the time of carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange in the lungs and make more oxygen enter the bloodstream.

5. Walking exercise

Walking is a simple and easy exercise program, suitable for both young and old, can promote blood circulation throughout the body, enhance the ability to absorb oxygen, effectively improve lung function, and also improve the body’s lack of oxygen. According to their situation to determine the speed of walking, walking speed should be maintained evenly and moderately, but also appropriate to change the speed, which can effectively promote the abdominal and lower limb muscles’ regular stretching. When walking, the arms should swing naturally, which can increase lung ventilation and strengthen lung function. Walking must be head up and with abdominal breathing, and adhere to walking about 1500 ~ 3000 meters a day.

6. Swimming or cycling

The title good quality people can swim every day for about 20 ~ 60 minutes, can promote blood circulation throughout the body, enhance physical fitness, and improve respiratory function. Riding is also a good choice, can make the chest maintain a comfortable forward position, which is not only conducive to breathing but also exercises muscle strength.

7. Blowing balloon exercise

Blow the balloon slowly with a nose deep breath, hold your breath for a second, and then blow into the balloon, blow three times a day, each time about 10 minutes. Can not blindly pursue the speed and number of blowing balloons, just blow the gas out on the line.

Warm tips, in addition to the above seven exercises and enhance lung function tips, but also to maintain a light diet, eat more food with lung cough effect, such as honey lily pear, eat less or do not eat too heavy taste and hot food, so as not to cause the lungs to dry heat on fire, eat less cold drinks and chili and other irritating food. Take vitamins, such as vitamin A, which protects the lung tissue and can be obtained from cream, egg yolk, and liver. Vitamin E, an essential facilitator of cellular respiration, protects lung tissues from air pollution and improves immunity, and can be obtained from peanut oil, sunflower oil, and beans, as well as the habit of actively drinking water to ensure lubrication of the respiratory tract and lungs.

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