The lungs are sick and the common cold have a common feature, that is, the throat is abnormal, the common cold appears throat problems can be eliminated in about half a month, but if it is a lung problem will not be good for a long time, so what are the symptoms of bad lungs? May take everyone to understand.

1. Lung disease, the throat prophet? If the throat appears these two symptoms, should promptly go to check

The first: long-term dry cough

Clinically, it is generally believed that long-term dry cough may be caused by inflammation of the lungs or lesions formed by tumors in the lungs, which are thus affected and lead to increased discomfort in the lungs.

In order to maintain normal physiological functions, the body then expels foreign bodies in the form of coughing to protect the lungs. If the above phenomenon occurs in your life, you must pay high attention to it and go to the hospital for examination if necessary.

The second type: swelling and pain in the throat

The phenomenon of swelling and pain in the throat when you have a cold and fire, we generally think it is caused by inflammation, so generally do not consider the problem of lung lesions, if you have been using drugs still can not be relieved, and even feel especially painful swelling phenomenon more and more serious, to go to the hospital as soon as possible to do lung CT examination, to see if it is related to lung disease.

2. What are the other abnormal manifestations of lung lesions?

Purple face and lips

There is a close relationship between the lungs and the skin. Only when the body gets enough oxygen, the blood circulation in the body will be smoother, and the skin tissue will have more blood and oxygen supply, and the skin will become more and more rosy.
However, when the lungs are diseased, the oxygen supply will be insufficient, the skin becomes dull and dull, and the face appears blue and purple.

Prolonged fever

We humans are constant temperature animals, and fever is only to keep the body temperature within the normal range, which usually occurs when a viral or bacterial infection has occurred.

If the fever lasts for a long time, it should be taken seriously, perhaps related to a lung infection.

Back pain and shoulder pain

Lung lesions can also involve the back and shoulders. Generally, people feel that back or shoulder pain is caused by overexertion, but this pain is completely different from the usual pain caused by exertion, or even a bit of dull pain, which is not only not relieved after rest, but also the phenomenon of swelling of the upper limbs and the appearance of pestle-like fingers in the fingers.

3. The three bad habits that the lungs are most afraid of, it is recommended to change as soon as possible

1. The lungs are afraid of smoke

If you want lung health, quit smoking is very critical.

Smoking damage to the lungs is very large, in addition to smoking, life in the car exhaust, factory emissions and other such smoke with chemical components, easy to accumulate in the lungs to form toxins, damage to lung health, the impact on the lungs is very large.

2. The lungs are afraid of sadness

If you want to nourish the lungs, the emotional management is also very critical, if a person is in a long-term sad mood, the impact on the human lungs is particularly large, gas is such a statement, sad emotions are particularly damaging to the lungs, easy to affect the normal functioning of the lungs, and in serious cases can lead to lung cancer, seriously endangering human health.

3. Lungs are afraid of kitchen fumes

Kitchen fumes are also a major factor in the damage to the lungs, kitchen fumes and other harmful substances can easily lead to damage to human chromosomes, long-term smoking can easily cause damage to lung function, leading to lung disease attacks, bringing adverse effects on the body, so when cooking in the kitchen must be opened to the hood, do not save electricity to do things that are damaging to the lungs.
Try to use a range hood when frying, so as to effectively reduce the burden on the lungs and avoid the invasion of harmful substances into the lungs.

4. Winter is a good time to raise lungs, it is recommended that usually eat more three kinds of food

Luo Han Guo

Luo Han Guo is a traditional Chinese medicine herb that can play the role of cough, Luo Han Guo contains D-mannitol composition, if always feel itchy throat or lung phlegm discomfort, speak with hoarseness, this time you can eat more Luo Han Guo to improve, you can also use Luo Han Guo to make water to drink, but also with fat sea or chrysanthemum, the effect is more obvious.


We generally take yam stew to drink, yam is rich in nutritional value, not only can play a role in nourishing the stomach, but also help regulate lung function, yam contains more viscous substances, this viscous material contains protein, can play a role in moistening the esophagus, and can play the effect of cough.

Silver fungus

The mention of silver fungus is not unfamiliar to anyone, as it is a highly nutritious ingredient that is often used in stews. The common silver fungus and lotus seed soup can play a very good role in nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, which is beneficial to human health.

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