Yoga is the perfect combination of physical movement and proper breathing techniques designed to provide you with peace of mind, body, and soul. When practiced regularly, these asanas help improve the breathing process, such as inhalation and exhalation, improving lung function, and also help treat common breathing problems such as colds, coughs, sinuses, asthma, etc. Today, we will introduce five yoga poses that can improve lung function.

The first pose: yoga cobra pose

Bhujangasana, also known as Cobra Pose, helps promote lung health because it stretches the lungs.
Not only that, but it helps calm your mind and can greatly relieve back pain.
Exercise steps.
Lie down on the floor.
Now, keep your hands at shoulder level.
With the help of your palms, lift your body from your torso.
Feel the stretch in your back muscles.
Straighten your arms and look toward the ceiling.
Hold this position for 20 seconds, then relax.
Feel the stretch in your back muscles.
Cobra pose not only clears your mind but also calms you down and improves your lung capacity. It also treats sciatica, strengthens the spine, and relieves asthma problems

The second pose: simple sitting pose

Sukhasana (also known as cross-legged sitting pose) is a great pose to improve blood circulation throughout the body and promote lung function.
Steps to practice.
Sit in a meditative posture.
Keep your back straight.
Cross your legs and bend your knees.
Hold the posture for several breaths and meditations.
Hold this posture for several breaths and meditations.
It is very beneficial for any lung abnormalities.
It improves the blood flow to the lungs and also removes toxins from the lungs.
It not only improves your concentration and focus but also helps treat certain respiratory problems, such as coughs and colds.

The third pose: Lotus Shoulder Inversion

This is an advanced inversion pose that has both stretching and strengthening benefits.
It strengthens and stabilizes your back and core muscles and conditions your abdominal muscles.
This is an advanced inversion pose with both stretching and strengthening benefits
Exercise steps.
Lie on your back.
Lift your legs up and point your toes toward the ceiling.
Raise your hips and lower your back. You can also support your back and hips with your arms.
Now, do the Lotus position with your legs.
Hold this pose for one minute, slowly roll down and then relax.
Does lotus pose with your legs?
This pose helps in the proper expansion of the chest and allows the air to reach the lungs smoothly. In addition, it improves your balance and strengthens your reproductive and nervous systems.

The fourth pose: Fish Pose

Matsuyama, also known as fish pose, increases your oxygen intake and improves your blood circulation.
In addition, it prevents respiratory disorders and promotes better lung and heart function.
It prevents respiratory disorders and promotes improved lung and heart function.
Exercise steps.
Lie on your back with your arms under your lower back.
Raise the upper body and breathe calmly.
Place your head on the floor, forming an arc in your back.
Use your elbows if you want to keep your balance.
Open your chest.
Hold the pose as long as you can, then relax.
Place your head on the floor and form an arc in your back.
In short, Matsyana is the destroyer of all diseases. It promotes deep breathing by stretching and strengthening the muscles of the lungs.

The fifth pose: seated half spinal twist

Ardha Matsyendrāsana, also known as a seated half-spine twist, is a yoga exercise that is very effective for healthy lungs.
Exercise steps.
Sit with your legs straight and feet together.
Bend the right leg and extend the left foot into the corner of the right knee.
Bring your left hand back and extend your right hand.
Hold the right foot and press the knee with the elbow joint.
Put your left hand on your knee and look behind your left shoulder.
Don’t forget to straighten your back.
Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax.
Don’t forget to straighten your back.
This posture helps relieve breathing difficulties, such as shortness of breath.
Not only that, but it can also relieve stress and anxiety. Twisting allows for better circulation of oxygen to the lungs.

Yoga asana practice can provide a comprehensive solution to help you improve your lung health.

So, if you want to control all your breathing problems, start practicing. These will get the mucus out of your lungs and airways. Practice these 5 effective yoga poses that will keep your lungs healthy!


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