Lung discomfort, coughing, coughing, etc., and sometimes the symptoms may be aggravated, here are 13 kinds of foods that are good for lung health.

1.white fungus

It is mild in nature, sweet and light in taste, has the effect of moistening the lungs, nourishing the yin, nourishing the stomach and benefiting the qi, regardless of the lung gas deficiency or lung yin deficiency is appropriate, it is a good lung tonic. For example, it is written in “This Herb is New Again” that “silver fungus moistens the lung and nourishes the yin”. It is also stated in the “New Ginseng on Drinking Pieces” that “white fungus is a clear tonic for lung yin, nourishes fluid, and treats strenuous cough.” It is also stated in the “Supplementary Pseudo-Medicine Article” that “White fungus treats lung heat and lung dryness, dry cough and phlegm cough, epistaxis, hemoptysis, and blood in sputum.” Therefore, it is more suitable for those with lung yin deficiency.

2.bird’s nest

It is flat in nature and sweet in taste, and is the best product for clearing lung deficiency, with the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lung, benefiting Qi and replenishing deficiency. This herb is extremely fair: “Bird’s nest nourishes lung yin, resolves phlegm and stops coughing, and is a holy medicine to regulate the deficiency of consumption and tuberculosis. It is most suitable for people with lung deficiency, regardless of whether they have lung gas deficiency or lung yin deficiency.


It has the function of nourishing and moistening the lung. The “Introduction to Medicine” says it can “cure lung impotence and lung carbuncle”. Qing Dynasty physician Wu Yiluo once pointed out: “long cough people, lung gas must be deficient, deficiency is appropriate to converge, lily of the sweet convergence, even more than the five flavors of acid collection.” Especially the lung deficiency dry cough for a long time, or blood in the sputum, the most appropriate to take food.


Flat, sweet, good for the lung, and can moisten the lung, suitable for people with lung deficiency and prolonged cough. The “Dian Nan Ben Cao Tuo” that “peanuts nourish the middle and benefit the lungs, boiled in salt water.” The Materia Medica Preparedness says that it “nourishes the spleen and moistens the lungs”. The “Drug Properties Examination” also says: “Raw research is used to lower phlegm, dry cough is appropriate for the meal, nourishing dryness and lowering fire.” Therefore, all people with lung deficiency, regardless of lung Qi deficiency or lung Yin deficiency, are suitable for consumption with peanuts boiled in water, not fried after eating.

5.white fruit

Also known as ginkgo. Can warm the lungs and benefit, is a kind of cough and asthma food, have nourishing, solid kidney, lung function. Ming – Li Shizhen had said: “Ginkgo, its thin taste thick, astringent and collected, benefit lung gas, fixed asthma cough, reduce stool.” It is suitable for coughs with lung deficiency and asthma in the elderly with weak lung qi constitution. Such as soaking white fruit with lettuce oil, also suitable for people suffering from tuberculosis lung deficiency to take. Because the white fruit has a small poison, it is appropriate to stir-fry or boiled after consumption.


Flat, sweet, both for lung deficiency, and can strengthen the spleen and kidneys, lung deficiency of people, all seasons should eat yam. The medicine of chemistry “pointed out that”: “yam, warm and not sudden, slightly fragrant and not dry, and circulate the function of regulating the lungs, the treatment of lung deficiency long cough, what its stable.”

7.West Valley rice

Warm in nature, sweet in taste, in addition to the effect of strengthening the spleen, but also to benefit the lung energy. The Chinese University of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Ye Orange Quan said it “warm the middle and strengthen the spleen, nourish the lungs and resolve phlegm. For those with weak lung qi and coughs, Ye mostly cooks the rice with yam and yao shui, which is more suitable.

8.Walnut kernel.

It is warm in nature and sweet in taste, which can nourish both the kidney and the lung, and is most suitable for people with deficiency of both lung and kidney and long-standing cough with phlegm and asthma. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “walnut is hot, can enter the kidney, lung, but the cold deficiency is appropriate. The upper pass in the lungs and deficiency cold cough is appropriate.” Where the lung deficiency long cough and asthma, it is appropriate to eat it often.

9.Colla Corii Asini

It is flat in nature, sweet in taste, and can nourish the deficiency of the lungs and kidneys. As stated in the “Materia Medica”: “Colla Corii Asini into the lungs and kidneys, to make up for deficiencies, so it can also benefit the qi, the lungs are the main qi, the kidneys are also gas. It is used today to treat deficiency cough, lung impotence, pus and blood from canker sores, etc.” Many famous ancient formulas, such as “Aconite Soup for the Lung” for “treating lung deficiency in children with shortness of breath and shortness of breath” in “The Straightforward Guide to Pediatric Medicine” and “Aconite Drink” for “treating prolonged cough” in “Sheng Ji Zong Lu”. “It is also recommended for people with lung deficiency.

10.Tofu pulp

It is mild in nature and sweet in taste, and has the function of nourishing the deficiency and moistening the dryness, benefiting the lung and resolving the phlegm, so it is suitable for those who have deficiency of lung qi or lung yin. If you can often take it, on the recovery of lung deficiency, quite effective. Other soy products, such as tofu brain, tofu skin, tofu, etc., is also very suitable for people with lung deficiency.

11.winter worm, summer grass

It is warm in nature and sweet in taste. In addition to tonifying the kidneys, it is also effective in tonifying lung energy, stopping coughing and asthma, and treating deficiency. It is best for people with long-standing lung diseases, including tuberculosis, bronchial dilatation, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, lung impotence, pulmonary discomfort, pleurisy, and even lung cancer, as well as for people with weak yin and lung, and coughing when they move. If you can take it together with Zihejiang, yam, etc., more beneficial.


Slightly warm in nature, sweet in taste, good at replenishing qi, especially for lung deficiency. Chinese medicine believes that the lung is the main skin, lung Qi deficiency is sweating, and prone to colds. The “Ben Jing Feng Yuan” that astragalus “into the lung and fix the table deficiency spontaneous sweating”. The “get with the materia medica” also cloud: “muscle surface of the gas, supplement should astragalus”. For people with lung deficiency body surface is not solid, with red dates, decoction of water for tea, is quite suitable.


Warm in nature and sweet in taste, it is a strong tonic for qi, especially for lung qi and spleen and stomach qi. The “Dian Nan Ben Cao” says it “treats weakness of lung qi”. The Yuan Dynasty physician Li Gao also believed that “ginseng can nourish the qi of the lung, and if the lung qi is strong, the qi of the four organs will be strong.” The Medical Qiyuan also says: “Treats shortness of lung qi, shortage of qi, and less qi.” This shows that it is suitable for people with weak lung qi to eat.
In addition, people with lung deficiency should also take glutinous rice, corn, japonica rice, milk, goat’s milk, honey, royal jelly, lingzhi, pears, grapes, red dates, placenta, codonopsis, princely ginseng, American ginseng, northern ginseng, as well as poultry eggs, edible mushrooms, etc.