As we all know, the current cancer incidence rate in China is high and people’s awareness of cancer treatment methods is generally not high. Coupled with other factors such as the construction of medical facilities, the mortality rate of cancer in China is higher than the global average, and the same is true for lung cancer. Many patients lack scientific awareness of nutritional matching during treatment, which makes the treatment effect much less effective. Therefore, it is very important for lung cancer patients themselves and their family members to understand and choose the right diet. Today, we will talk about some taboos of the lung cancer diet.

1. Spicy and stimulating food

Because spicy and irritating food can cause irritation and damage to human tracheal mucosa, cause congestion and edema in the local area, cause choking and coughing and even lead to rupture and bleeding of human mucosa, so spicy and irritating food is very harmful to lung cancer patients and should be avoided.

2. Smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking and drinking can cause bronchial dilation, congestion, edema of respiratory mucosa, and an increase in secretion. Tobacco contains more than 20 kinds of toxic substances such as nicotine, which can cause cancer. Alcohol in wine can stimulate the secretion of pituitary hormones. Patients who drink medicinal wine are more likely to cause blood heat and delusion. Western medicine also believes that alcohol can promote the absorption of toxic substances and is a cancer-promoting agent.

3. Do not eat fishy hair, greasy food

Such as yellow fish, scallops, blackfish, shrimp, crab, eel, fatty meat, roast chicken and other such foods may be phlegm-aggravated cough, so should not eat.

4. Foods high in sugar and fat

Because sugar, especially refined white sugar, not only lacks vitamins and minerals but also depletes the body of minerals and B vitamins that are already low, reducing the body’s ability to fight disease. Excessive intake of pork, fatty meat, and butter can lead to weight gain and changes in body hormones, all of which can lead to the development of tumors.

5. Aphrodisiac food and tonic

Mutton, dog meat, pigeon meat, goose meat, and sparrow meat all belong to this category of food. Many animals contain hormones in their bodies, which are not good for patients’ recovery. Cordyceps, ginseng essence, deer antler essence, cinnamon, astragalus, wolfberry, and American ginseng should also be eaten sparingly. It is best to follow medical advice to consume them and not to inject interferon, thymidine, and other supplements indiscriminately. Some patients think that these drugs can make their bodies strong, but in fact, they are not. These drugs can make you consume more body energy and promote the rapid growth and metastasis of lumps in cancer patients.

Actually, there are more considerations for a lung cancer diet than the above. Here are just a few of the most typical ones listed. It is worth mentioning that when you have lung cancer, you should not blindly listen to folk remedies and take supplements blindly. You should go to the hospital to receive the diagnosis from the doctor, understand the disease of lung cancer correctly and choose the lung cancer diet reasonably according to the doctor’s diagnosis so as not to affect the treatment effect of lung cancer.

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