According to statistics, new cases of lung cancer are gradually increasing in various countries every year, which shows that lung cancer has seriously threatened our health. In addition, besides lung cancer caused by environmental pollution and work environment, the number of smokers in China exceeds 300 million, how many of this huge population will be the next lung cancer patients?

Therefore, we must take immediate action to nurture and protect our lungs. When it comes to lung exercises, many people believe that walking is very helpful to lung health, is this true?

Is it true that walking is really good for lung health?

There is a Chinese saying that “walk a hundred steps after meals, live to ninety-nine”, so in many subconscious walking is good for health, and it is true that regular walking is also good for the lungs and can enhance cardiorespiratory function. For some people whose heart and lung function is not so good, usually should come out more to walk, is conducive to the expansion of the lungs, enhance lung capacity, enhance lung blood circulation, facilitate the recovery of the disease, adhere to daily walks, can also help us discharge the harmful carbon dioxide components of the lungs, absorb fresh oxygen, and promote the vitality of the lung cells.

But here we need to remind you that “100 steps after meals”, not let everyone walk immediately after eating, but in the best half an hour after meals, usually walking can not be too much, so as not to hurt the knee, keep in 4000-6000 steps a day the best, try to choose the better air quality Try to choose a place with good air quality.

Besides walking, what else can I do for my lungs?

In addition to proper exercise to increase blood circulation in the lungs, which is beneficial to the body, you want to lung care lung drink more water, maintain a good mood and eat foods that are good for the lungs, our lungs are often in a dry state, only to replenish enough water to be able to smoothly clean out the garbage in the lungs, in order to ensure a healthy state of the body, in addition, the most important cause of lung health is smoking, to ensure that the lungs According to statistics, long-term smokers have a 38.8% higher chance of developing lung cancer, can’t such data stimulate you to take the road to quit smoking, but there are ways to quit smoking regularly, don’t quit blindly, if you can’t solve it yourself, you can ask for professional help.

The human body is a complete body, if a part of the discomfort, there may be a series of chain reactions, through different parts of the body to send us dangerous “signal”, prompting our body has appeared abnormal. And walking is easy for everyone to do, as long as long-term persistence, I believe our lungs will become increasingly healthy.


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