If your breath only goes into your lungs, then it is only life support, if your breath can go through your waist into your kidneys, then it is the real way to maintain health. According to ancient Chinese medicine, if you breathe into your waist, all your illnesses will disappear! Why?
Because the continuation of our life, and the functioning of the internal organs, are dependent on the flow of Qi. The Qi of the five organs, six bowels, meridians, tendons, and flesh …… our limbs and bones, the whole body, all have the operation of Qi. The implementation of the function of any of the internal organs is not only the performance of the lifting and lowering of gas.

So, the whole body of the gas, how to come, and how to lose the cloth?

Let’s start from the beginning.

A body of qi is from our spleen and stomach to transport the essence of water and grain and a lung breathes from the clear air of heaven and earth, mixed to form our chest of the zong qi.

Our zong qi, like the sky above, is like a star, while the human yuan qi is below, like the boundless kun earth. This zong qi and yuan qi merge to form the qi of the whole body. After the fusion of Qi, it is distributed to the internal organs, forming the Qi of the internal organs and meridians. Therefore, our zong qi must travel down the three jiao and merge with the yuan qi before it can complete its mission.

So, how does our zong qi travel downward?

It relies on the suction and descending action of the lung. What is the main function of the Lung Qi? In addition to the function of the lung itself, there is another important factor, which is our kidney.

It turns out that our kidneys, according to Chinese medicine, can seal and hide. The manifestation of this sealing ability, in addition to the fixation of sperm and ejaculation, there is, is the nascent qi. If the kidney is strong and has a root, then the lung’s ability to surrender can be carried out properly. If the kidneys do not have the right to receive the qi, then the purification is not enough. Therefore, the breathing thing must be “into the waist into the kidney”, to be considered the best. This means that the kidneys play the function of receiving qi, the lung qi can be purified and descended, the zong qi can be descended, the yuan qi can be nourished, and the qi of the whole body can be circulated. When the flow of qi is normal, the internal organs will function normally and our body will be healthy. This is the so-called “breathing into the waist, all the diseases disappear”.

So, how can we achieve this purpose?

We ordinary people, the simplest way, is to do deep breathing, deep breathing, not only the thoracic expansion, waist, especially the kidneys should also be powerful expansion, feel gas into the waist, so that the breath is deep and long, to maximize the effect of the kidney gas. In this way, you can let the zong qi go down and mingle with the yuan qi. We do deep breathe 200 times a day in the fresher air, day after day will play unexpected health effects. But unfortunately, there are too few people who can do this activity in life. Most people, just have shallow breathing. This has to be said to be a pity.

How to breathe deeply into the waist?

This has to talk about abdominal breathing ancient Chinese doctors have long recognized that abdominal breathing has a unique miracle to dispel disease and prolong life, so the creation of the “exhalation”, “turtle breath”, “qi sinking Dantian “, “fetal breath” and other fitness methods.

Sun Simiao, a famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty, particularly respected abdominal deep breathing, he performed the method of regulating gas every day between dawn and noon, lying on his back on the bed, stretching his hands and feet, holding the thumb knuckles in both hands, four or five inches from the body, two feet four or five inches apart, counting the number of knocking teeth to drink jade syrup (saliva). Then, lead the gas from the nose into the abdomen, absorbing enough so long as the gas is stuffy, is spit out from the mouth carefully, to make sure that the gas is exhausted, and then lead the gas from the nostrils into the chest and abdomen carefully. This abdominal deep breathing exhales the old and new so that people are clear and refreshed.

Ming dynasty health practitioner Leng Qian in the “repair age of the key” written in the sixteen words of health order: “a suction will be raised, gas to the umbilicus; a mention will be swallowed, water and fire to see.” This sixteen words secret contains three healthcare practice methods of lifting, swallowing, and abdominal breathing, which is a magic treasure to dispel diseases and prolong life.

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