As the saying goes, people live with a breath of air, a big body will be stronger, and a small body is relatively weak. Swimming is the most attractive sport for people in summer, and lung capacity is essential in this sport. For the sake of health, but also in order to be able to swim more comfortably, we should also do some exercises to increase lung capacity.

1. Why should we increase lung capacity?

1.1 Normal people should keep a good habit of exercising to increase lung capacity, which can enhance lung function. A very important source of nutrition for the human body is breathing, diet, and increased breathing volume is an important source of immunity for our body. Lung function is a sign of good health and can prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases.

1.2 Human breathing is closely related to lung capacity. The cells, tissues, systems, and organs of the human body consume oxygen all the time, and the body can only work and operate properly in a state of adequate oxygen supply. People’s body oxygen supply all rely on lung breathing to obtain, in process of breathing, the lungs not only achieve the intake of oxygen, but also the body’s metabolic carbon dioxide produced by the discharge.

2. What are the exercise methods to increase lung capacity?

2.1 Deep breathing. In a place where the air is fresh, deep inhalation, so that the abdomen’s first expansion, has been sucked to the limit, hold your breath for a few seconds, slowly exhale the gas, and try to exhaust the gas in the lungs, repeatedly, breathing for at least a minute. This can increase the airflow in our lungs in a very short period of time, without any training equipment.

2.2 Swimming. You can swim and do other exercises in the water. Because of the presence of water pressure, water buoyancy, and the role of their own gravity, inhaling the same air will make our body more effort, while enabling the lungs to get a better workout, can improve the ventilation function of the lungs, and improve the efficiency of breathing.

2.3 blowing balloons is also a good way to increase lung capacity. During leisure time can practice blowing balloons until the balloons blow up. After practicing a few more times, we can feel the breath when we can breathe in more air.

In addition to the above three methods, running, cycling, basketball, and other aerobic exercises can increase lung capacity. We exercise properly to avoid some abnormalities in the work of the organism. Because when the body needs to consume a lot of oxygen (such as long hours of work, or strenuous exercise) will be prone to a serious shortage of oxygen supply, will occur dizziness, chest tightness, mental discomfort, memory loss, insomnia, and other adverse symptoms, seriously affect our lives, but also make the body health red light up causing irreparable damage.

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