Hello, I am Jack, 69 years old, and I have been exercising to improve and maintain my lung capacity since I was 23 years old, and have continued to do so for decades, even into my senior years. It has benefited me tremendously.

The lungs are a very important organ in the human body, and people with unhealthy lungs will not be healthy. A high lung capacity means that the lungs are well-functioning and the alveoli are elastic, so they can take in more fresh air for the brain and all the organs of the body, and the metabolism is complete, which has the effect of waking up the brain and strengthening the brain, and preventing the occurrence of brain atrophy and other age-related diseases. And can promote blood circulation, and maintain the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, so that blood flows unimpeded, blood pressure can be normal, and the cardiovascular system is less likely to go wrong.

I’m over the age of the elderly but still, adhere to the habit of lung exercise to maintain a large lung capacity. Every day, I have to do chest expansion and stretching exercises outdoors, which have a great impact on the lungs, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening. This allows the lungs to be expanded repeatedly and lung capacity to be improved. The expansion and contraction of the thorax, so that the diaphragm between the chest and abdomen follow the up and down activities, the lungs have a pushing and caressing massage effect. Every time you do it, you will feel the blood flow accelerated and your mind is refreshed and very comfortable.

Then do the finishing exercise to relax, and then do deep breathing. Use the abdominal breathing method, more fresh air inhalation, as far as possible to exhaust the turbid air in the lungs. When ordinary breathing, there are often dead ends in the lungs, especially the lower tip of the lobe, ordinary breathing seems a little “out of reach”, breathing can not reach every alveolus. In the long run, it is possible that the alveoli there are inert. According to medical research, the lower tips of the lungs can become blackened and hardened, affecting the life expectancy of the person. So make sure to do whole-lung breathing exercises in this way every day to keep the lungs acting as a whole.

To improve and maintain lung capacity exercise, it is important to persist in it all year round, day by day, so that satisfactory results can be achieved. If you fish for three days and sunbathe for two days, it is not very effective.

Now I have entered the old age stage, but my physical condition is still very good. This is due to maintaining a large lung capacity, normal lung function, no cardiovascular system diseases, nor any common diseases of old age, and hospitals seem to have nothing to do with me.

Externally, I can see that I walk with a brisk gait, I don’t feel tired even after walking ten miles, and I don’t gasp for air when I walk up and down four flights of stairs quickly. Sometimes after stronger activities, my breathing can quickly return to calm and I feel good about myself. Mental confidence is good for health.

Therefore, I think that I can live a healthy life for another 20 years without much problem.

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