The lung capacity of the human body is the maximum amount of air that can be exhaled after a deep inhalation, which reflects the functional activity of the lungs and is also the ventilation of breathing. Large lung capacity means that the lungs are healthy and are a manifestation of good health. The following are some of the best ways to improve lung capacity.

1. The benefits of increasing lung capacity

Because, if a person’s lung capacity is large, it means that the amount of oxygen intake of the lungs is large, which also means that the number of activated alveoli is more, which can also supply more oxygen to the brain; lung capacity is large, the lungs are filled with more oxygen, the oxygen supply capacity of the blood is improved, so that the human organ system and tissue cells can get enough oxygen, so as to ensure the smooth metabolism of the body, the smooth operation of functions.

Ordinary people’s lung capacity, adult men about 3500 to 4000 ml, adult women about 2500 to 3000 ml, and regular physical exercise people’s lung capacity can exceed, especially for a long time aerobic exercise can significantly improve cardiorespiratory function, expand lung capacity.

2. Beneficial to lung capacity exercise program

2.1 Long-distance running

Long-distance running is a very large amount of aerobic exercise, and the process of paying physical energy is very large, in order to support the running consumption required to do the work, the heart rate should be maintained for a long time at 110 ~ 160 times/min, while breathing also deepened and accelerated, the average of every 3 ~ 4 steps to breathe once. Consistent exercise can quickly improve the volume of lung capacity.

If you want to efficiently improve lung function and take in the maximum amount of oxygen, the long-distance running process can take a variable-speed running, that is, alternating between jogging and fast running, so that the “aerobic” to “anaerobic” critical repeated transition “mixed oxygen “state, so that the expansion of lung volume is better. Excellent long-distance runner’s lung capacity can reach 6000ml.

2.2 Swimming

Swimming is also an excellent exercise to expand lung capacity. Breathing depends on the lungs, and the strength of lung function is reflected by the strength of the respiratory muscles, swimming is an important exercise means to strengthen the respiratory muscles, and is also an effective way to improve lung capacity.

Because the human chest cavity is subject to water pressure when swimming, will make breathing difficult, forcing people to increase the depth to force breathing, so that the amount of oxygen in the swimming kinetic energy to meet the demand, and swimming is a vigorous aerobic exercise, oxygen intake will be 20 times greater than when quiet, often swimming can promote the development of human respiratory muscles, chest circumference increases, lung capacity to enhance.

In addition, swimming inhalation alveoli open more, smooth gas exchange, which is also very beneficial to health. An excellent swimmer’s lung capacity can be as high as 6000-7000ml.

2.3 Mountain climbing

Climbing is a high-intensity aerobic exercise, that can enhance the contraction of the heart muscle, improve cardiopulmonary function, and the ascent process to pay a lot of physical energy, is a strong means to promote the potential of the respiratory system, and also plays a role in increasing lung capacity.

Because people climbing exercise, the need to mobilize more energy and oxygen supply, so as to strengthen the strength of the respiratory muscles, lung and thoracic elasticity is of great help; its respiratory frequency accelerated, the growth of breathing depth, efficient to accelerate the body’s ability to inhale oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide, the maximum result is expressed in the ability to improve lung ventilation, that is, lung capacity and maximum oxygen intake increased.

2.4 Dynamic cycling exercise

Through rapid long-distance bicycle riding, the legs need great strength and endurance, and the heart and lungs are good exercises, no doubt can also increase our lung capacity, but on the road, riding has unsafe factors, but also not in line with traffic regulations.

So you can practice in the gym with dynamic cycling equipment, which is also a simple and effective method, both safe and convenient, practice can be flexible to master the speed of riding, fast and slow combination, so that the heart rate reaches more than 130 times/min, forcing to intensify the gasping, try to maintain a deep breathing state so that the lungs are completely stimulated to open.

3. Beneficial exercise movements for lung capacity

3.1 Stretching and chest expansion-related actions

Since lung capacity and the state of the human chest cavity are closely related, so you can often do some shoulder and arm stretching and chest expansion exercises to stimulate the opening of the chest cavity, which can also increase lung capacity.

Stretching action: stretch out your arms, put them down vertically first, then do a straight arm swinging action from bottom to top, and repeat back and forth.

Chest expansion action: stretch out your arms, palms down, first flex your arms from the chest slowly and forcefully to both sides to spread straight, and then expand your arms back to both sides, and repeat back and forth.

3.2 Abdominal breathing action

Lung capacity is also related to the frequency of deep breathing, so you can often exercise abdominal breathing movements.

Let the body relax sitting or standing, slow deep breathing, the idea of the introduction of the abdomen, with the small abdomen gradually bulging, and then exhale, exhale when the small stomach tries to suck in the feeling, the gas should be slowly discharged.

3.3 Singing

Singing has a chest-expanding effect, especially when using abdominal breathing, the use of the diaphragm is more frequent, and the depth of breathing and the expansion of the lung cavity is good, so usually more singing is also beneficial to the improvement of lung capacity.

3.4 Wind instruments

Blowing a musical instrument is also frequent use of the diaphragm exercise, the blowing process will use all the alveoli to expand lung capacity to help control the rhythm of breathing, such a long period of regular exercise is undoubtedly also good for lung capacity.

Friends who can play musical instruments, do not give up this opportunity to benefit from physical exercise, woodwind instruments or brass instruments can be, such as tuba, trumpet, trombone, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, flute, etc. can.

Therefore, lung capacity is an indicator of our health, no matter what kind of exercise, as long as you can adhere to it every day, lung capacity will gradually improve, but also improve the efficiency and function of lung breathing, so that the body is healthier. I believe that your lung capacity must have increased after a certain period of training. But be aware that patients with asthma should be careful to learn, health is the priority.

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